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Data book options print and digital snipers hide forum. For more information please visit this video demonstrates the brownells, brownells le, and s. To illustrate this point, i will discuss shooting data captured in. Tab data book cover tab have used a different manufacturing technique on this and have turned out a really clean looking product that is their take on the ever popular data book cover. The core of rifle scope range estimation is a math problem referred to as the mil relation formula. Voodoo tactical marksman data book 5 star rating free. Every rifleman should own a storm tactical precision data book.

I use storms modular data book for my longrange precision rifles. The storm tactical data book includes the following layouts. The days of collecting your shooting information in premade books designed by someone who perceives how you may shoot, and offers you a data book of target pages that are little to no value to you are long gone. All proceeds 100% go to the breast cancer research foundation. The data book, if used correctly can not only make your ammo expenditure worthwhile, it can make. Storm tactical free downloads, targets, sniper rifle.

Comeups, dedicated cold bore, cold bore zero, zero calls, technical reticle hold, torso, special target, movers, unknown distance long range, range card field sketch, sniper observation log, round count, usmc click wind charts, information pages with formulas, and notes pages. Currently link 11 is intended to be replaced by link 22. In this detailed 22minute video, john mcquay of 8541 tactical shows how to input firearm specs, mv, and bc into a kestrel 4500 nv applied ballistics model. He knows data recording, what is necessary and what isnt, and developed an excellent product that works on. Your source for precision rifle and sniper data books endorsed by us military and law enforcement snipers consistency equals accuracy. This product may contain chemicals known to the state of california to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. February 14, 2017 wore the new salomon quest 4d forces to work. Although it never fails, new boots mean i will step in blood or feces at some point tonight.

Dry firing is critical to a wellrounded firearms training program. First is to provide shooters with real information. Quick view compare choose options dope rope data card holder. Us tactical supply the premiere provider of quality tactical accessories. Bbattle dress uniform bdus the name for the fatigue uniform worn by many military and law enforcement personnel. Bolt gun a slang term used to refer to a bolt action rifle.

First, a patch soaked in hoppes from chamber to muzzle, then remove. We use two layers on the outside of our covers to hold a smooth shape and to stand up to the hard life they will see on the firing line. It is slightly smaller than the previous version 3. Then comes whatever amount im shooting for the day. The modular data book is made from milspec materials and construction. They are smaller than other data books, and yet are packed with information and data entry fields across 210 pages. John mcquay owner of 8541 tactical evansville, indiana area consumer services. Link 11is a secure half duplex tactical data radio link used nato for digital information by transmission among airborne, landbased, and shipboard tactical data systems. We use the us tactical supply databooks, for the main reason that this is what we were issued at our first school and weve just kept updating them.

Serving military, law enforcement, first responders, and the public. See more ideas about guns and ammo, guns and shooting guns. At 5x4 they are smaller than other data books and yet are packed with information and data entry field across 210 pages. Storm tactical pocket data books were designed for use in the field and for tactical rifle competitions, where a lightweight, portable data book is needed. The dbc will fit all popular sized data books on the market such as the impact data book, and the storm tactical data book. We use two layers on the outside of our covers to hold a smooth shape and. Free printable training targets, data book pages, and manuals. The data book is a necessary tool for you to get the most out of your training time. Several years ago i began making these to order in the corner of the shop. Weve been using some books from impact data books recently and wanted to share our thoughts.

Great youtube page for everything long range lonewolfusmc. If you just go out to the range without a plan and send lead downrange doing whatever you feel like doing probably what you do every time, youre wasting ammo thats got to be some kind of sin or something. What do i need in a data booklogbook reference snipers. If you have questions about the voodoo tactical marksman data book or other books we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best books for you.

This takes the height of the target in inches, multiplies it by a constant and then divides by the number of mils read in the scope. Modular sniper data book stationary target data refill sheets, nsn 1220015471810. The topic of data books and or log books comes up on a regular basis here on snipers hide and thru my business email. At the range, i obtain my cold bore shot, take down that target with data, enter notations in the data book, and file it away. Buy the voodoo tactical marksman data book vdt12820800000 on sale for a great price at our online store. Impact is a huge supporter of this site and make a great book from the examples i have seen. The data book cover protects your data book from the elements. Our databook covers are constructed here in the usa with d nylon. Storm tactical pocket data books are storm tacticals most compact book designed for use in the field and for tactical rifle competitions where a lightweight, portable data book is needed. I know the owner, graduated scout sniper school with him and was in the same platoon later on. So i would like to take the time to answer some of the questions and reasons why you should have a data book as well as what options you may want to look for when putting a. If you have any suggestions for books in the following topics, email us a link and well try to give them a read. Storm tactical heavy paper modular data books are printed on extra heavy duty 90 pound index card stock paper, in an easy to read size of 5. This handy unit combines a kestrel weather meter with a fullfledged ballistics computer.

It allows for recording of previous shots and environmental conditions. The book uses a 3 ring poly binder, which allows the operator to organize the book per mission needs. Aadjustable objective this is a ring around a scopes objective lens housing that allows you to adjust the parallax setting of the rifle scope. Weve only selected books weve read, and see the value in sharing with our readers. First is to provide shooters with real information about firearms, techniques and the science behind. The data book cover by rifles only, the best way to protect your data book from the elements.

It serves many functions zero data allows you to keep a record of where your impacts are using various rifleopticammo combinations in different conditions as well as at various ranges. This will come with a test target, maintenance log, data book and will have build process photos. New storm tactical pocket rimfire data book this rimfire pocket data book is the same format as our regular pocket data book, with emphasis on rimfire style targets, rimfire distance comeups, and reticle hold pages useful for rimfire rifle shooting. A data book is an absolutely critical tool for both competitors and hobby shooters. However, there are situations where dryfiring can be problematic. Where to shoot, mostly usa w a few international locations. The standard that defines its specification is milstd6011.

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