Advance xitanium driver spec

Buy advance 14154 220 watt 120277 volt electronic led driver xi190c275v054bsg1 at. The accuracy of the measurements is within the tolerance of the measurement instruments. Advance constant current xi025c100v036dsm1 xitanium. Replaces xi025c100v036dnm1 and xi025c100v036dnmx the philips advance xitanium range of downlight led drivers is designed to provide oems with ultimate. Philips lighting, a brand leader in led driver technology, offers xitanium led drivers, which are high quality, energyefficient drivers for solidstate lighting solutions. Pl2 advance xitanium 1%, 010v ps1 advance xitanium step dimming 50%100% lh1 lutron hilume softon, fadetoblack 1%, ecosystem, lde1 l51 lutron 5series 5%, ecosystem, lde5 nd nondimming edge ex44 specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice. Xr0c033v042rno2 advance led driver the philips advance xitanium range of phasecut dimming led drivers are perfectly suited for downlight fittings in residential and commercial applications. Evokit with xitanium sensorready sr drivers allows users to choose different wireless control platforms to suit their needs and budget.

Led lamps, electronics and controls product catalog philips. Enabled with simpleset technology, these drivers offer the. 3033225568 architectural round pl2 philips advance xitanium 1%, 010v ps1 philips advance xitanium step dimming 50%100% ee1 eldoled ecodrive 1%, 010v logarithmic ee2 eldoled ecodrive 1%, 010v linear es1 eldoled solodrive 0%, 010v logarithmic. Customer integrator is responsible to perform a technical validation in. With superior surge protection, these durable, independently. Advance xitanium led drivers set the standard for performance, and are available for linear and downlight applications. The new evokit click is an aesthetically pleasing and efficient led retrofit kit designed to bring a refreshed sleek and modern look to your building.

These models are compatible with standard 010v dimming systems to deliver reliably smooth dimming performance down to a minimum of 1%. Constant voltage led driver advance led120a0012v50fm. Features xitanium led driver indoor downlighttrack dimmable input voltage ac 120277 v input current max 340 ma input power nom 44 w output power nom 39 w output voltage 2056 v factory warranty yes authorized distributor yes. Advance ledinta0024v30dlo xitanium led driver green lighting. Philips xi054c150v054bst1m led driver spec sheet author.

The philips advance xitanium range of linear led drivers is designed to. Replace philips advance xitanium x1050c100v054dnm1 obsolete model the philips advance xitanium range of downlight led drivers is designed to provide oems with ultimate flexibility. Reach out to our local contact center for questions or inquiries and find out where to buy lighting products from a nearby distributor or partner. Philips advance xitanium, xi050c140v054dsm1, xi050c140v054dsm5. Philips lighting has designed and manufactured this product to operate according its technical specifications. Xitanium dimmable sr industry close xitanium dimmable sr industry datasheets 35w datasheet xitanium 35w 0. Advance xi020c050v042rnp2 xitanium led electronic driver. Page 2 indoor xitanium led drivers from philips are designed specifically to power luxeon high power leds. Descriptions of philips lighting xi150c105v140cnf1 provided by its distributors. These drivers operate to specification under wide temperature and electrical ranges to. New philips advance xitanium led driver 95w 010v dimming xh095c275v054bsf1. Xitanium led driver philips advance xitanium 54v 010v. Delivering solid performance, the advance xitanium led120a0012v50fm led driver for 12v and 24v led systems and luxeon leds is safe, versatile, and reliable. Ledinta0530c280dom,philips advance xitanium,ledinta0530c280d.

The philips advance xitanium range of downlight led drivers is designed to provide oems with ultimate flexibility. Advance xitanium led driver, 1wire fixed output, 120 to 277 vac input, 120 to 425 vdc output, 165 w power, 0. The philips advance xitanium range of linear led drivers is designed to provide oems with ultimate flexibility. Inrush current is measured at peak of the corresponding line voltage, source impedance per nema 410. Xi025c100v036dsm1 philips xitanium 25w ma led driver bottom entry spec sheet. The output current of the driver can be adjusted using the two dip switches provided on the bottom of the driver. Led driver constant current advance xi180c125v200bsf1m. Philips advance xitanium led driver spec sheet xi095c275v054dnf1 xitanium 95w 1. Led driver specifications for drivers for 12vdc and 24vdc. Driver will default to 2750ma when rset is left open. Advance constant current xi025c100v036dsm1 xitanium green. Electrical specifications all the specifications are typical and at 25c tcase unless specified otherwise. The below picture shows the switch positions required to set the current to different levels. Xitanium led electoc dves 62 led drivers philips xitanium programmable led drivers ultimate flexibility for led lighting manufacturers optimized to meet the everevolving needs of todays led lighting manufacturers, xitanium programmable led drivers are a onestop solution for the varying power needs of industrial high bay, highway, urban.

The graphs are meant to be a guideline and not a specification. Xi150c105v140cnf1 philips lighting datasheet g2671028. Xitanium led driver philips advance 75w simpleset xitanium. Advance, xitanium drivers for 12vdc and 24vdc led systems created date.

Philips advance xitanium led driver spec sheet xi036c100v048dnm1 xitanium 36w 0. These models are compatible with a variety of incandescent and. Advance xi075c200v054bst1m xitanium led driver 75w 0. Philips advance ledinta0700c210dom xitanium 150w 0. The evokit click makes refreshing a workspace with reliable, high quality led lighting easier and more costeffective than ever before. Xitanium led driver datasheet xitanium led xtreme drivers sensor ready xi sr 150w 0. Philips advance xitanium linear led drivers with simpleset technology are designed to give oems ultimate flexibility. Advance xitanium led drivers set the standard for performance, and are available for linear, downlight, outdoor and industrial applications. Philips has used its extensive expertise in electronics to ensure that driver and led are perfectly finetuned to each other, and that the exceptionally steady dc output enhances the long life and optimum operation the high power leds. This empowers users to finetune their lighting for reduced energy costs in a revitalized workspace, with no need for. Looking for advance 150w power output led driver, 1. Select models feature simpleset programming, smooth 1% dimming, leading edgetrailing edge dimming, lowripple output current, highefficiency designs to enable dlc compliance, and class p listings to ensure interchangeability without extensive retesting.

Xi025c100v036dsm1 spec factory set at ma output, programmable down to 100ma with simpleset technology. The driver is ul, ce certified and outdoor rated and very compact. The xitanium xiled120a0700c24f 17watt led driver accepts 120vac, and outputs a constant 700ma current with a varying dc voltage between 7. Philips led drivers quick guide philips led drivers xitanium. Explore our philips catalog of led lamps, bulbs, tubes, controls, and electronics. The breadth of the xitanium led driver line means you can find the exact fit for your application with the premium features your customers demand. Compact in size to promote enhanced design flexibility, the xitanium led driver supports a broad spectrum of indoor and outdoor applications. Xitanium led driver philips advance xitanium spec sheet.

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