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This article is within the scope of wikiproject biography, a collaborative effort to create, develop and organize wikipedia s articles about people. Until the early 5th century bc, it had been a cluster of five villages, but, at the suggestion of argos, the villages were. Near the city was the dam of mantineia, one of the most advanced examples of ancient technology. Diotima mantinike thus would sound like diotima from prophetvictory is unsatisfactory. Mantinea definition of mantinea by the free dictionary.

Mantineia, ancient greek city of arcadia, situated about eight miles north of modern tripolis between mt. Artemision, mentioned as a source of soldiers in the catalog of ships in book ii of homers iliad. In search of diotimas place with the ancient philosophers. Diotima, who influenced socrates, supposedly was a priestess there. For instructions on how to use this banner, please refer to the documentation. Socrates recounts their conversations and shares both what and how she taught him. Diotima of mantinea was a philosopher and priestess circa 440 b. We must turn our attention to diotima, her characteristics, and her function as a knower in the dialog. Wikiquote contiene citazioni di o su diotima di mantinea. The symposium is the dialogue set during an all night banquet where the participants decide to examine the concept of love. Diotima and aspasia are the only two women who are characterized as philosophers in the socratic dialogues of plato although other women, notably axiothea. Start this article has been rated as startclass on the projects quality scale. The autor analyzes the function of diotima in the symposium and the reasons why she was introduced in the dialogue by plato. The city was the place of the first battle of mantineia, in 418 bc, the largest land battle of the peloponnesian war.

The following is my own interpretation based on the limited exposure we have to diotima provided by socrates and nothing more. Diotima of mantinea is a major figure in platos symposium. Mantinea article about mantinea by the free dictionary. Diotima of mantinea was an ancient greek prophetess and philosopher thought to have lived circa 440 b. Piecing together a few brief experiences and descriptions of this character, we find a tantalizing puzzle. Get everything you need to know about diotima of mantinea in the symposium. Mantinea synonyms, mantinea pronunciation, mantinea translation, english dictionary definition of mantinea. Paper given at the first latin american area conference of the international plato society and x archai international seminar. Handout supplied to my students as we work through platos symposium, focused particularly on the content in the sixth speech, given by socrates narrating earlier dialogues with diotima. The greek form of this place, mantinike, notably appears to contain the root mantis, which means prophet, seer, and strongly suggests that diotima is herself a prophetess, or at least is somehow associated with prophecy.

The character of diotima of mantinea in the symposium from. All interested editors are invited to join the project and contribute to the discussion. Diotima is the name of new yorkbased experimental black metal band krallices third album. Plato, no doubt purposely, avoids putting his exposition of eros into the mouth of any historical person. Platos styles and characters, between literature and philosophy, university of brasilia, august 222012.

An ancient city of southern greece in the eastern peloponnesus. Diotima and aspasia are the only two women who are characterized as philosophers in the socratic dialogues of plato although other women, notably axiothea of philesia and lasthenia of mantinea, are known to have been students of plato. It should be noted that no women are present at the banquet. Get the entire the symposium litchart as a printable pdf.

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